2016 EDNA Recipients

COMMUNITY ACTIVISM for feminist activity in the community:

Heidi ZajacJane DavidsonJulie Perkins

MEDIA/COMMUNICATION for consistent promotion of feminist perspectiveness in the media:

Monica Davidson

EDUCATION for a feminist contribution to the better education of society:

Jan BreckenridgeJozefa Sobski

GOVERNMENT for feminist activity in the political sphere:

Darriea Turley

LEADERSHIP for leading feminist changes in the public sphere:

Sharron McKinnonCarol Booth and Liz Rickman (joint)

MENTORING for sharing knowledge and ideas generously with other women:

Janine Whiteman

WORKFORCE for improving conditions for women workers:

Lina Cabaero

SPORT for promoting the engagement and recognition of women in sport:

Catherine OrdwayBilli McCarthy-Price and Hannah Massingham (joint)

ART for creative feminism:

The Women's Library

The GRAND STIRRER for inciting others to challenge the status quo:

Amanda Hill

Photography by Pagan Kael