Edna Ryan Awards

Celebrating 21 years of the EDNAs!

Celebrating a feminist difference

2018 marked the twenty-first year of the EDNAs which commemorate the work of Edna Ryan by acknowledging the contribution of women in NSW and the ACT who have had a significant impact on the social, economic, and political status of women and girls.

In 2017, Mehreen Faruqi, Member of the NSW Legislative Council since 2013, was presented with her Grand Stirrer EDNA at the Awards Night on 13 October. Eleven other women and two groups also received awards.

See a summary of Mehreen's achievements, and those of the other women and groups recognised this year, on the 2017 EDNAs page.

Edna Ryan (1904–97)

Edna Ryan in Action

Listen to Edna in this interview that was recorded for the NSW Bicentennial oral history collection. This recording is available on the National Library of Australia website.

The EDNAs are awards for women who have made a feminist difference - the battlers and the unsung heroines who show commitment and determination. These Awards recognise those whose activity advances the status of women.