Published Resources

The Australian Women's Register Exhibitions



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Edited Books

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Journal Articles

  • Owen, Mary, 'Edna Minna Ryan', Australian Rationalist, no. 43 Autumn-Winter, 1997. Details
  • Ryan, Edna, 'Proving a Dispute: Laundry Workers in Sydney in 1906', Labour History, no. 40, 1981, pp. 98-106. Details


  • Stephen, Shona and Paul, Cheryl, Edna Ryan: a political life, Australian Film Commission Women's Program: Australian Women's Archival Series, Oliver, Margot, Australian Film Institute, Australia, 1992. See holdings in public libraries: details

Online Resources

  • National Library of Australia, 'Papers of Edna Ryan (1904 - 1997)', in Register of Australian Archives and Manuscripts, 1999, Details
  • 'Ryan, Edna', Trove, National Library of Australia, 2009, Details
  • The Hon. Kate Lundy : 3 March 1997 Hansard

See also

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