Lina Cabaero


Lina Cabaero has worked tirelessly to improve the conditions of textile, clothing and footwear outworkers, most of whom are  women.

In 2012 she facilitated and co-ordinated outworkers in a  campaign for the NSW Fair Work Amendment (Textile, Clothing and Footwear Industries) Bill 2011. This campaign included two demonstrations in the courtyard of Parliament House in Sydney.  The outworkers, in their traditional dresses and high heel shoes, spoke about their situation and their demand for an equitable pay rate. Lina brought creativity to the demonstration by leading them in song with ‘Labour Not  The Label’. 

These demonstrations led to meaningful dialogue between politicians and outworkers. The Bill was passed, ensuring  that outworkers were recognised as employees, rather than independent contractors. This made it possible for them to  claim wages from fashion houses if their ‘bosses’ disappeared.

Lina Cabaero’s impressive organisational skills have improved the  working conditions for many women.