Mehreen Faruqi

Mehreen Faruqi joined the NSW Legislative Council in June 2013, the first Muslim woman elected to any Australian Parliament. She spearheaded the campaign in opposition to the infamous ‘Zoe’s Law’ Bill which threatened women’s control of their bodies and which eventually lapsed due to community pressure.


Lewina Jackson

Lewina Jackson is known throughout the NSW Sexual Assault sector for her outstanding contribution. Based at the Eastern and Central Sexual Assault Counselling Service she has worked tirelessly for over fifteen years to assist survivors, going to court with clients, providing individual and group therapy, running education and awareness campaigns and participating in rallies.

Simone White

Simone is a remarkable and committed feminist activist who has devoted her personal and professional life to advocacy on behalf of some of Australia’s most vulnerable women, those who live with sexual and family violence. She is a specialist counsellor at the Rape and Domestic Violence Servrvice Australia, and leads the campaign to save the phone counselling service from Federal Government defunding.

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