2017 EDNA Recipients

At an energetic and uplifting Awards Ceremony in Sydney on Friday 13 October, twelve women and two groups were presented with their citations as recipients of Edna Ryan Awards for making a feminist difference.

COMMUNITY ACTIVITY for feminist activity in the community

Erin Wen Ai Chew  Jude Finch  Lewina Jackson  Simone White

MEDIA for consistent promotion of feminist perspectives in the media

Erika Addis

ART for creative feminism

Nina Angelo  Gabrielle Jones  The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe

EDUCATION for a special contribution to the education of women and girls

End Rape on Campus (Australia)  Hannah Wandel

SPORT for promoting the engagement and recognition of women in sport

Mary Konstantopoulos

WORKFORCE for improving conditions for women workers

Rachel Cooper

LEADERSHIP for leading feminist changes in the public sphere

Marion Brown

THE GRAND STIRRER for inciting others to challenge the status quo

Mehreen Faruqi