Nominations for the 25th EDNAs are now Open

Nominations are now open








The EDNAs are awards for women who have made a feminist difference, whose activity advances the status of women: the battlers and the unsung heroines who show commitment and determination.

Nominees must be comfortable with being referred to as a feminist and live or work in NSW or ACT.

There are six categories for nominations:

  • leadership
  • mentoring
  • workplace
  • community activism
  • arts and culture, and
  • media and communication


  • We accept ONE nomination only from each individual or organisation. The review panel will also award the annual Grand Stirrer prize.
  • Past recipients are ineligible for nomination. Please check the list of previous recipients before preparing an entry.
  • You must let your nominee know and obtain consent from them before you can nominate them. 
  • The review panel is looking for evidence of the nominee’s achievements or actions that have improved the status of women, whether on a small or large scale.
  • Long service alone, or being well-known, is not enough for someone to receive an EDNA. Nor do the EDNAs only recognise women who are successful in their field.

Entries close on July 31 2024. The Edna Ryan Awards will be presented in the second half of 2024.

You will need:

  • The nominee’s permission
  • A seconder
  • Answers to the following (500 words max each):
    • What has your nominee done that has improved the status of women? Please be specific.
    • Why do you believe this has made a feminist difference?
    • Relevant information on the nominee’s background and biographical details, examples of her community involvement, paid or unpaid work etc. This might include materials such as media articles and/or website information.
  • Supporting documents (no bigger than 10mb)

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