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EDNA recipients include a diverse group of Australian women, united by their commitment and determination to making a feminist difference in their local communities, the arts, government, mentoring and in the media.

The Grand Stirrer is a special award for women who have incited others to challenge the status quo.

Together, the recipients represent an inspiring group of women who have contributed to making Australia a more equitable society over more than twenty years.

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Recipient list







Brittany Higgins Grand Stirrer 2021 Brittany Higgins (PDF)
Our Bodies Our Choices Leadership 2021 Our Bodies Our Choices (PDF)
Catherine Gander Leadership 2021 Catherine Gander (PDF)
Hayley Foster Leadership 2021 Hayley Foster (PDF)
Elaine Evans (Posthumous) Leadership 2021 Elaine Evans  (PDF)
Kittu Randhawa Leadership 2021 Kittu Randhawa (PDF)
Patricia Ranald Leadership 2021 Patricia Ranald (PDF)
Mentor Walks: Adina Jacobs, Bobbi Mahlab Mentoring 2021 Adina Jacobs (PDF) Bobbi Mahlab (PDF)
Lynda Coker Mentoring 2021 Lynda Coker (PDF)
Ann Reynolds Community Activism 2021 Ann Reynolds (PDF)
Yvette Kinkade Community Activism 2021 Yvette Kinkade (PDF)
Brittany Higgins Community Activism 2021 Brittany Higgins (PDF)
Charmaine Huisman (Posthumous) Community Activism 2021 Charmaine Huisman (PDF)
Dani Villafana Community Activism 2021 Dani Villafana (PDF)
Dulce Munoz Community Activism 2021 Dulce Munoz (PDF)
Kim Loo Community Activism 2021 Kim Loo (PDF)
Clair Jackson Arts 2021 Claire Jackson (PDF)
Claire Couson Arts 2021 Claire Couson (PDF)
Jo-Anne Cahill Arts 2021 Jo-Anne Cahill (PDF)
The Loveys Arts 2021 The Loveys (PDF)
Rosell Flatley Arts 2021 Rosell Flatley (PDF)
Denise Thompson Media/ Communication 2021 Denise Thompson (PDF)
Emily Mayo Media/ Communication 2021 Emily Mayo (PDF)
Jess Hill Media/ Communication 2021 Jess Hill (PDF)
Sunita Gloster Media/ Communication 2021 Sunita Gloster (PDF)
Diane Hague (Posthumous) Workforce 2021 Diane Hague (PDF)
Elizabeth Hill Workforce 2021 Elizabeth Hill (PDF)
Georgie Dent Workforce 2021 Georgie Dent (PDF)
Robynne Murphey Workforce 2021 Robynne Murphey (PDF)
fEMPOWER Grand Stirrer 2018 fEMPOWER (PDF)
Helen L’Orange Leadership 2018 Helen L’Orange (PDF)
Mary O’Sullivan Community Activism 2018 Mary O’Sullivan (PDF)
Marilyn Hatton Leadership 2018 Marilyn Hatton (PDF)
Deborah Brennan Education 2018 Deborah Brennan (PDF)
Leonie McGuire Community Activism 2018 Leonie McGuire (PDF)
Lee Lewis Arts 2018 Lee Lewis (PDF)
Pearlie McNeill Arts 2018 Pearlie McNeill (PDF)
Margot Oliver Media/ Communication 2018 Margot Oliver (PDF)
Gabe Jones Arts 2017 Gabe Jones (PDF)
Erin Wen Ai Chew Community Activism 2017 Erin Wen Ai Chew (PDF)
Simone White Community Activism 2017 Simone White (PDF)
Jude Finch Community Activism 2017 Jude Finch (PDF)
Lewina Jackson Community Activism 2017 Lewina Jackson (PDF)
End Rape On Campus Australia Education 2017 EROC (PDF)
Hannah Wandel Education 2017 Hannah Wandel (PDF)
Marion Brown Leadership 2017 Marion Brown (PDF)
Erika Addis Media/ Communication 2017 Erika Addis (PDF)
Mary Konstantopoulos Sport 2017 Mary Konstantopoulos (PDF)
Rae Cooper Workforce 2017 Rae Cooper (PDF)
Mehreen Faruqi Grand Stirrer 2017 Mehreen Faruqi (PDF)
Hannah Wandel Education 2017 Hannah Wandel (PDF)
Nina Angelo Arts 2017 Nina Angelo (PDF)
The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe Arts 2017 BHALT (PDF)
Billi McCarthy-Price and Hannah Massingham Sport 2016 Bill McCarthy-Price & Hannah Massingham (PDF)
Amanda Hill Grand Stirrer 2016 Amanda Hill (PDF)
The Women’s Library Arts 2016 Women’s Library (PDF)
Catherine Ordway Sport 2016 Catherine Ordway (PDF)
Janine Whiteman Mentoring 2016 Janine Whiteman (PDF)
Carol Booth and Liz Rickman Leadership 2016 Carol Booth & Liz Rickman (PDF)
Sharron McKinnon Leadership 2016 Sharron McKinnon (PDF)
Darriea Turley Government 2016 Darriea Turley (PDF)
Jozefa Sobski Education 2016 Jozefa Sobski (PDF)
Jan Breckenridge Education 2016 Jan Breckenridge (PDF)
Monica Davidson Media/ Communication 2016 Monica Davidson (PDF)
Julie Perkins Community Activism 2016 Julie Perkins (PDF)
Jane Davidson Community Activism 2016 Jane Davidson (PDF)
Heidi Zajac Community Activism 2016 Heidi Zajac (PDF)
Lina Cabaero Workforce 2016 Lina Cabaero (PDF)
Jeannie Sotheran Community Activism 2015 Jeannie Sotheran (PDF)
Saba Vasefi Community Activism 2015 Saba Vasefi (PDF)
Anjani Regmi Community Activism 2015 Anjani Regmi (PDF)
Frances Crimmins Leadership 2015 Frances Crimmins (PDF)
Ashleigh Thomson Mentoring 2015 Ashleigh Thomson (PDF)
Margaret Hickie Mentoring 2015 Margaret Hickie (PDF)
Louise Evans Sport 2015 Louise Evans (PDF)
Chris Ronalds Leadership 2015 Chris Ronalds (PDF)
Margaret Henry Leadership 2015 Margaret Henry (PDF)
Sally McManus Grand Stirrer 2015 Sally McManus (PDF)
Betty Ferguson Mentoring 2015 Betty Ferguson (PDF)
Amanda Shalala Sport 2015 Amanda Shalala (PDF)
Tara Moss Grand Stirrer 2015 Tara Moss (PDF)
Finola Moorhead Arts 2015 Finola Moorhead (PDF)
Darelle Duncan Community Activism 2015 Darelle Duncan (PDF)
McKenzie Raymond Community Activism 2014 McKenzie Raymond (PDF)
Zoya Patel Media/ Communication 2014 Zoya Patel (PDF)
Dorothy McCrae-McMahon Grand Stirrer 2014 Dorothy McRae-McMahon (PDF)
Roxanne McMurray Leadership 2014 Roxanne McMurray (PDF)
Maeve Marsden Arts 2014 Maeve Marsden (PDF)
Vee Malnar Arts 2014 Vee Malnar (PDF)
Lillian Howell Project Community Activism 2014 Lillian Howell Project (PDF)
Marilyn Forsythe Workforce 2014 Marilyn Forsythe (PDF)
Bronwyn Culling Mentoring 2014 Bronwyn Culling (PDF)
Lin Cooper Mentoring 2014 Lin Cooper (PDF)
Bush Lemons Leadership 2014 Bush Lemons (PDF)
Marion Baird Workforce 2014 Marion Baird (PDF)
Hawzhin Azeez Media/ Communication 2014 Hawzhin Azeez (PDF)
Kate Rowe Sport 2014 Kate Rowe (PDF)
Heather Reid Sport 2013 Heather Reid (PDF)
Suzie van Opdorp Community Activism 2013 Suzie van Opdorp (PDF)
Shirley Kent Community Activism 2013 Shirley Kent (PDF)
Anne Buttsworth Media/ Communication 2013 BUTTSWORTH (PDF)
Maree O’Halloran Leadership 2013 O’HALLORAN (PDF)
Kim Rubenstein Leadership 2013 KIM RUBENSTEIN (PDF)
Destroy the Joint Grand Stirrer 2013 DESTROY THE JOINT (PDF)
Ursula Frederick Arts 2013 GRANT&FREDERICK (PDF)
Lee Grant Arts 2013 GRANT&FREDERICK (PDF)
Rebecca Ordish Mentoring 2013 REBECCA ORDISH (PDF)
Fiona Miller Mentoring 2013 MILLER (PDF)
Wendy Herbert Education 2013 WENDY HERBERT (PDF)
Dragica Sinikoski Education 2013 SINIKOSKI (PDF)
Danielle Warby Sport 2013 DANIELLE WARBY (PDF)
Nadia Saleh Workforce 2012 Nadia Saleh 2012 (jpg)
Sonia Laverty Workforce 2012 Sonia Laverty 2012 (jpg)
Bronwyn Penrith Mentoring 2012 Bronwyn Penrith (jpg)
Natasa Nikolic Mentoring 2012 Natasa Nikolic 2012 (jpg)
Sylvia Kinder Mentoring 2012 Sylvia Kinder 2012 (jpg)
Teresa Savage Grand Stirrer 2012 Teresa Savage 2012 (jpg)
Jenna Price Media/ Communication 2012 Jenna Price 2012 (jpg)
Maree McDermott Community Activism 2012 Maree McDermott 2012 (jpg)
Bronwyn Bancroft Arts 2012 Bronwyn Bancroft 2012 (jpg)
Georgina Abrahams Arts 2012 Georgina Abrahams 2012 (jpg)
Cigdem Aydemir Arts 2012 Cigdem Aydemir 2012 (jpg)
Jan McDonald Community Activism 2012 Jan McDonald 2012 (jpg)
Chris Burke Education 2012 Chris Burke 2012 (jpg)
Leah Weber Community Activism 2012 Leah Weber 2012 (jpg)
Gabe Kavanagh Community Activism 2010
Rosa Campbell Community Activism 2010
Susan Smith Community Activism 2010
Maggy Fargo Community Activism 2010
Susan Smith Community Activism 2010
Maggy Fargo Community Activism 2010
Ludo McFerran Community Activism 2010
Jennifer Dalitz Workforce 2010
Kat Armstrong Battling 2010
Debbie Carstens Workforce 2010
Shokufeh Kavani Arts 2010
Sue Salthouse Community Activism 2010
Nina Funnell Media/ Communication 2010
Frances Plummer Mentoring 2010
Mary Dimech Mentoring 2010
Edith Weisberg Education 2009
Charmaigne Weldon Battling 2009
Ruth Pollard Media/ Communication 2009
Jane Caro Media/ Communication 2009
Rhonda Wilson Grand Stirrer 2009
Julie Bates Workforce 2009
Patricia Griffin Community Activism 2009
Dori Wisniewski Mentoring 2008
Suna Er Mentoring 2008
Sandra D’Souza Mentoring 2008
Jo Kowalczyk Workforce 2008
Liz Barlow Government 2008
Lesley Laing Education 2008
Jude Irwin Education 2008
Matina Mottee Community Activism 2008
Karen Lee Willis Grand Stirrer 2008
Elaine Odgers Norling Community Activism 2008
Judy James Bailey Media/ Communication 2008
Beth Eldridge Community Activism 2008
Christine Sinclair Community Activism 2008
Tess Brill Community Activism 2008
Rosemary Kariuki Community Activism 2007
Muyesser Durer Battling 2007
Kellie Tranter Community Activism 2007
Spiderlily Redgold Media/ Communication 2007
Denele Crozier Community Activism 2007
Libby Silva Community Activism 2007
Marie Muir Community Activism 2007
Emily Maguire Media/ Communication 2007
Rosalind Helyard Education 2007
Julie Velthuys Mentoring 2007
Ellie Ellis Education 2007
Liz Ashburn Arts 2006
Betty Green Community Activism 2006
Jane Corpuz-Brock Community Activism 2006
Dorothy Hoddinott Education 2006
Joy Goodsell Community Activism 2006
Adele Horin Media/ Communication 2006
Carmel Nola Media/ Communication 2006
Catherine Fox Media/ Communication 2006
Claire Moore (Senator) Government 2006
Victoria Abigail Mentoring 2006
Jude Stoddart Workforce 2006
Rosemary Richards Workforce 2006
Daphne Baxter Workforce 2006
Helen Westwood Community Activism 2006
Marie Coleman Government 2006
Anne Field Government 2006
Tegan Wagner Grand Stirrer 2006
Priscilla Lumsden Community Activism 2006
Dixie Link-Gordon Mentoring 2006
Judith Troeth (Senator) Government 2006
Lyn Allison (Senator) Government 2006
Alva Geikie Community Activism 2005
Nola Cooper Community Activism 2005
Bronwyn Moye Government 2005
Gerri Greenfield Grand Stirrer 2005
Margaret Kirkby Access to Abortion 2005
Julia Freebury Access to Abortion 2005
Jacqui Smith Mentoring 2005
Margaret Alston Mentoring 2005
Helen Campbell Media/ Communication 2005
Anne-Mason Furnage Battling 2005
Stefania Siedlecky Access to Abortion 2005
Trude Kallir Community Activism 2005
Dorothy Cora Community Activism 2005
Merilyn Childs Workforce 2005
Josephine Conway Community Activism 2005
Muriel Hortin Community Activism 2004
Susan Ryan Government 2004
Margo Moore Community Activism 2004
Anne Summers Grand Stirrer 2004
Lucy Porter Battling 2004
Phillippa Hall Workforce 2004
Joan Lemaire Mentoring 2004
Dominique Hogan-Doran Workforce 2004
Julie Griffiths Mentoring 2004
Di Graham Grand Stirrer 2003
Roseleen Healy Arts 2003
Cate Turner Community Activism 2003
Rebecca Reilly Workforce 2003
Aileen Beaver Workforce 2003
Suzan Virago Workforce 2003
Betty Johnson Community Activism 2003
Elizabeth O’Brien Community Activism 2003
Vicki Potempa Community Activism 2003
Clare Burton Grand Stirrer 2003
Susan Kendall Government 2003
Fran Hayes Workforce 2003
Clare Burton Grand Stirrer 2003
Susan Kendall Government 2003
Leichhardt Women’s Community Health Centre Community Activism 2002
Jan Roberts Community Activism 2002
Jill Bruneau Arts 2002
Rachael Oakes-Ash Humour 2002
Judy Horacek Humour 2002
Julia Baird Media/ Communication 2002
Kathleen Swinbourne Government 2002
Elizabeth Dawson Education 2002
Wendy McCarthy Grand Stirrer 2002
Dorothy Symonds Grand Stirrer 2002
Janne Ellen Community Activism 2002
Joyce Stevens Mentoring 2002
Betty Little Battling 2002
Kristine Cruden Government 2001
Robyn Plaister Grand Stirrer 2001
Erica Lewis Government 2001
Toni Modafferi Media/ Communication 2001
Merle Highet Community Activism 2001
Pam Johnston Community Activism 2001
Maggie Smyth Mentoring 2001
Shirley Jones Arts 2001
Chrissie Shaw Arts 2001
Martha Ansara Media/ Communication 2001
Kathryn McConnochie Arts 2001
NSW Teachers’ Federation (on behalf of 13 women casual teachers) Workforce 2001
Pat Richardson Battling 2001
Emma Tom Humour 2001
Suzanne Bellamy Arts 2000
Jennie George Grand Stirrer 2000
Jan Wood Community Activism 2000
Christine Nixon Mentoring 2000
Margaret Jones Battling 2000
Sarah Maddison Battling 2000
Rae Frances Workforce 2000
Helen McDermott Workforce 1999
Cathy Block Mentoring 1999
Kate Lavender Community Activism 1999
Joan Bielski Grand Stirrer 1999
Gail Hewison Arts 1999
Noreen Hewett Battling 1999
Jane Gardiner Media/ Communication 1999
Jenny Taylor Battling 1998
Meredith Burgmann Humour 1998
Juliet Richter Lobbyist 1998
Sheryle Bagwell Media/ Communication 1998
Eva Cox Grand Stirrer 1998
Marlene Arditto Political Potholder 1998
Julie Compton Battling 1998
Misha Schubert Young Woman 1998
Ann Symonds Government 1998
Sharon Tobin Workforce 1998
Peggy Hewett Arts 1998
Recipient walking down stairs, through the audience, in a white dress to receive her award

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