Brittany Higgins | Grand Stirrer & For Making a Feminist Difference in Community Activism

Brittany Higgins has become the figurehead and inspiration for a new force, an influence in reminding previously silenced women that they indeed have a voice. After telling her story and becoming a political football across the media and parliament, the pressures on Brittany have been more than most of us could bear.

But instead of fading away and becoming just another statistic, she continued to lobby for change. She returned to Canberra to address those that gathered in front of Parliament House, and weeks later met with the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader to demand reform to the employment rights of political staff.

She signed a book deal, donating half the advance of $125,000 to the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre. Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins is conducting a review announced by the government, which is set to report back at the end of the year.

Brittany Higgins has given other women and girls the chance to speak their truth, and reminded employers that they are on notice. She’s been an inspiration and an example, that despite status, you can speak and you can be heard.

At just 26-years of age, Brittany Higgins has spoken out at a significant personal sacrifice to her livelihood and anonymity.

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