Ginger Gorman | For Making a Feminist Difference in Media Communication

Ginger Gorman is a Canberra-based award-winning social justice and investigative journalist and author of the best-selling 2019 book ‘Troll Hunting: Inside the world of online hate and its human fallout.

The book has made her a globally recognised expert on cyberhate, prompting a worldwide discussion about the dangers online. Over 5 years, she went deep into the world of the trolls, so that she could better understand them. Her book also used research she commissioned which estimated the cost of online hate was $3.7bn in Australia. It found that trolls are particularly nasty to women who are belittled and denigrated, their skills and experience are denied or dismissed, often by threats and attacks using sexually violent language.

Ginger Gorman has been a tireless advocate for women, their physical safety, their online safety and their right to take up space, use their voices, and promote their own work. She has placed victims and survivors at the centre of her journalism, all the while being mindful of their physical and psychological safety.

Ginger assists individual women, but she has also changed policies and practices for all women and for the betterment of society.

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