Sarah Rosenberg | For Making a Feminist Difference in Community Activism

Sarah created the “With You We Can” resource, as she navigated the deepest trauma of her life. This resource sprung from a commitment to ensure others would not experience what she had.

Beyond the immediate, practical, honest assistance provided, her efforts address the pervasive issue of misconceptions surrounding the justice process, which perpetuates rape culture and victim shaming. Most victims are surprised to learn that they are a mere witness in the state’s prosecution of their perpetrator.

Sarah’s resource bridges this knowledge gap, offering victims and the wider community comprehensive information about the police and legal processes. In doing so, she empowers victims to engage meaningfully with the system.

Sarah is passionate about her advocacy agenda, but knows that the law cannot be applied retrospectively. So, she has ensured that the resource is relevant to victims/survivors who cannot benefit from future changes in the law.

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