Amanda Hill | Grand Stirrer

Amanda Hill, a feminist lesbian of Aboriginal background, is a lifelong challenger of gender stereotypes.

A community worker across South West Sydney, in youth and women’s refuges, health and resource centres, and currently as Manager of the Liverpool Women’s Health Centre, Amanda has introduced a generation of women to motor mechanics, home maintenance and carpentry skills.

Training as a Self Defence instructor, Amanda ran hundreds of classes in high schools, community centres and women’s organisations. She has designed a resource for high school legal education students which has been distributed across NSW to promote women’s safety and stop domestic violence.

Amanda has campaigned for women in local government, helped start the Green Valley Domestic Violence Service, drove many IWD events, including the legendary Liverpool IWD Trivia Night, and established the Liverpool Aboriginal Women’s Art Prize.

Grand Stirrer Amanda Hill has taken feminist activism into new realms to ensure all women are safe, have access and are celebrated.

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