Bree van Reyk | For Making a Feminist Difference in Arts

Bree van Reyk is a percussionist, composer, sound artist, educator, and activist who passionately advocates for gender equity and social justice through extraordinary artistic projects that mobilise communities and inspire change.

She has consistently broken through cultural barriers as a woman and member of the LGBTQ+ community in her work both as a rock drummer touring with some of the most renowned Australian bands and singers, and as a classical composer.

Bree van Reyk has been a fearless advocate for the visibility and representation of women and other traditionally marginalised groups in the arts, especially music.

Her creative work in the notoriously patriarchal worlds of opera has also had strong impact. Bree’s opera, ‘The Invisible Bird’, critiques through witty, devastating, and powerful musical means. Its narrative makes a parallel between the lack of recognition and erasure of women’s work, as well as colonial impacts on the extinction of the Australian Night Parrot.

Bree van Reyk has recently been appointed Lecturer in Contemporary Music at the Sydney Con and brings feminist perspectives to her teaching and performance work.

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