Carol Booth and Liz Rickman | Leadership

Liz Rickman, a GP from Annandale, Sydney, and Carol Booth, a GP at the Durri Aboriginal Medical Centre in Kempsey, have been feminists since their university days.

They have worked at women’s community health centres, and on women’s health in both remote and urban Aboriginal communities.

One of their most significant achievements was as founding members of the Australian Lesbian Medical Association, which now meets annually. After much controversy ALMA members initiated a resolution supporting LGBTI rights which was passed by the International Congress of Medical Women, held in Sydney in 2001.

In 2007 they were instrumental in ALMA being registered as an NGO with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Despite hostile homophobic forces, ALMA was finally granted special consultative status in 2013.

Carol and Liz have worked for women all their working lives and are not about to give up. Through their leadership, they embody all that is ‘feminism in action’.

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