Catherine Gander | For Making a Feminist Difference in Leadership

Catherine Gander is a feminist role model for many younger women, spending hours supporting and empowering individual women to find their voice and strength. She has given a lifetime of advocacy challenging and speaking up against patriarchal structures that continue to disempower and marginalise women.

She is a pioneer and leader in advancing gender equality and human rights, particularly in the LGBTQ and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Currently, as the CEO of a feminist organisation DV West, she continues to lead a ground-breaking service of specialist female DFV workers, supporting women and children so they can live free from violence and with safety, stability and healing.

Catherine has fought tirelessly for system changes in the areas of child protection, and family and domestic violence. She will never give up the fight for women’s and girls’ rights around access to education, employment and justice.

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