Catherine Ordway | Sport

Catherine Ordway has championed women in sport for over 20 years, nationally and internationally as a sports lawyer, administrator, anti-doping and integrity expert, board member, media commentator and university educator.

She has worked tirelessly for women in sports leadership, to implement the International Olympic Committee’s aim of 20% women on National Olympic boards. She has challenged the entrenched traditions of reporting male sport, and the associated idolisation of male athletes. She is fighting for an equal number of women in sponsorship and academic course leadership.

She has identified gender equality as a solution to sport corruption. In her university Sports Law and Management courses, with predominantly male students, she campaigns against domestic violence through the naming of perpetrators in sport. She ensures a gender lens through examination of language, recruitment practices and harassment.

Catherine’s feminist approach has achieved substantive change for women in sport and improved the prospects for sportswomen around the world.

Photography by Pagan Kael

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