Chrystina Stanford | For Making a Feminist Difference in Leadership

Chrystina Stanford speaks and advocates for women who are oppressed sexually, socially, culturally, and economically. Chrystina is compelled to be the voice for those who are suffering in silence by not reporting their abuse to outside sources while, more often than not, the offenders roam free to repeat their crimes.

These silent survivors who have been crippled by trauma often do not realize they hold evidence that can prevent more women, children, and men from being assaulted. Through a Therapeutic approach, these people are empowered and free to take steps to live, grieve, survive, and thrive.

Chrystina has a diplomatic way of putting the brakes on the media if she sees a particular narrative slant will personally hurt or injure a survivor and their family, who are still in the process of healing.

Such is the character of her heart: humble but caring, and quietly going about her service in a dignified manner. Chrystina continues to inspire and lead.

She is an ongoing champion of change.

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