Claire Couson | For Making a Feminist Difference in the Arts

Claire Couson is a filmmaker, originally from France, but currently based in Sydney. In 2019 Claire founded the Radical Womyn Film Festival, which is a yearly film festival focusing on short films made by women. Based in Sydney, the Festival encouraged both local and international film makers to submit their work. During its first edition, the festival screened 8 movies at the Dendy in Newtown.

Claire created Flixa, a VOD streaming platform dedicated to women’s stories that shares its revenue with the filmmakers. It provides much needed encouragement for both local and international women

film-makers, and enables audiences to hear the voices of sisters from around the world.

Claire’s other volunteer efforts include as a member of the management committee of The Women’s Library in Newtown where she also assists with organising the Feminist Classics Book-club and Women’s Film Club.

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