Darriea Turley | Government

Darriea Turley leads in promoting the role of women in local government and the well-being of women in rural Australia.

Born in Broken Hill, grand-daughter of a cameleer, Darriea served as City Councillor for many years, as Deputy Mayor and, since September 2016, newly-elected Mayor. She has worked tirelessly for the representation of women in all local bodies. She is a leading member of many organisations, including the Australian Local Government Women’s Association National Board, the Commission on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women Working Group and the National Rural Women’s Coalition.

Since 1990 Darriea has improved health and community services for women by her leadership in the Far West health system, as an HIV/AIDS community worker, then Sexual Health Coordinator, then Community Engagement Manager, and by her membership of numerous local and state government boards.

Darriea has impressively combined her local government and professional work to make a feminist difference for rural women.

Photography by Pagan Kael

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