Denise Thompson | For Making a Feminist Difference in Media/Communication

Denise Thompson is an independent scholar who has been writing about feminism and the status of women for over four decades. Denise worked in social policy research, authoring and co-authoring works about homelessness, young people, people with a disability, work and families, maternity leave, dementia and social capital.

Her clear feminist approach to the scope and content of reports and papers brought consideration of women into focus in mainstream publications and contributed to the improved status of women.

Denise is keen that women understand the lives and issues facing us. She believes there is a need for all women to work together, and to resist being divided. She stresses the need for heterosexual and lesbian women to understand each other in the interests of feminism and addressing male domination. Denise makes strong links between feminism and human rights in her co-authored work about human rights, and elsewhere.

Her commitment is clearly reflected in her writings.

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