Dorothy McRae-McMahon | Grand Stirrer

Dorothy McRae-McMahon has been a feminist trailblazer since the 1970s, in women’s liberation, in human rights, in anti-apartheid, against the Vietnam War and, most disturbingly for conservative society, in religious and spiritual matters.

Dorothy has been a Minister in the Uniting Church, a National Director for Mission, and was the first woman to be a Moderator of the World Council of Churches. She was instrumental in several initiatives, including Mothers and Others for Peace, Christian WoMen Concerned, the first Church Commission on the Status of Women, and the journal, Magdalene. Dorothy consistently stood up for justice for women and challenged traditional male meeting processes.

Creating a major stir when she came out as a lesbian, Dorothy attracted homophobic attacks and engendered public discussion and acceptance of homosexual clergy.

Now retired, Dorothy volunteers at a Uniting Church parish, co-edits the South Sydney Herald , speaks at public forums and is writing her fourteenth book.

Dorothy McRae-McMahon is a lifetime Grand Stirrer!

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