Eezu Tan | For Making a Feminist Difference in Community Activism

Eezu Tan and Marlene Baquiran have improved the status of women through their climate letter-writing group. Their persistent work on campaigning for climate change has increased democratic participation, creating and modelling an inclusive and diverse environment to build a more just society for women who are disproportionately impacted and underrepresented in climate issues.

Their climate group has campaigned for 1.5 years for targeted climate policies. The group has advocated for the passing of the Climate Change Bill, for stronger rules on Australia’s top polluters through the Safeguard Mechanism, and the banning of native forest logging. As women of colour, they have ensured their group is thoughtfully inclusive and safe for diverse participants.

The group attracts women from different races, sexualities, socio-economic backgrounds, and disabilities, and provides information and empowerment based on these considerations. They have attendees from all across Sydney, representing a diverse array of community needs.

This group has grown into a diverse community that actively promotes understanding of climate issues from the unique perspectives of attendees from very different backgrounds.

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