Elaine Evans | For Making a Feminist Difference in Leadership

(Awarded Posthumously)

Elaine Evans (1936-2021) played a pivotal role in shaping the establishment of women’s legal services across Australia, including Indigenous women’s programs within those services. Many of the projects she was involved in went on to become models for women’s legal services.

Elaine’s philosophy was to target the most disadvantaged in our society. She often said that if we could make the legal system a better, easier place for Aboriginal and non-English speaking women to navigate, the system would be more accessible to all women.

The legacy of the contribution of Elaine, working at the frontlines of providing legal services to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in her community, is reflected in the valuable work of women’s legal services that continues every day across the country.

She was a vigorous defender of Parramatta Park and an advocate for the establishment of women’s refuges and shelters for homeless young people. Elaine was a trailblazer for women’s legal services in Australia.

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