Elizabeth Hill | For Making a Feminist Difference in Workforce

Elizabeth Hill has worked through advocacy and research evidence, to change government policies on gender inequality and to shape the strategies of national and international non-government organisations.

Liz also has a longstanding research focus on women and work in the Asia Pacific, which informs policy to improve women’s lives in the region. Currently she has been researching menstrual issues as feminist workplace challenge. With collaborators, she has been mapping policies around the world and advocating for menstrual and menopause leave so that all women can participate fully in paid work.

Liz has found innovative ways to drive a feminist policy agenda from the position of a university teacher and researcher. Both Liz’s work and her way of working are infused with a feminist spirit. She works collaboratively with others, with an unrelenting focus on improving the lives of women, and on holding governments accountable for policies that fall short.

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