End Rape On Campus | Education

End Rape On Campus (EROC) Australia is a grassroots organisation run by volunteer students and sexual assault survivors. It demands the right of all Australians, especially women, to receive an education free of sexual violence and free of the fear of sexual violence.

EROC has audited university counselling services, made national newspaper headlines with their report on sexual assault on campus, produced a centralised data base of all university policies relating to sexual assault, and provided training for counsellors and Women’s Officers on campus. In response to its advocacy, Universities Australia has committed half a million dollars to establish a new hotline with Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia.

EROC recognises that sexual assault is a gendered crime which disproportionately impacts women. Sexual violence has devastating consequences on women’s right to pursue education. EROC makes a feminist difference for tertiary students by working tirelessly to promote safe accessible education.

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