Erin Wen Ai Chew | Community Activism

In 2013 Erin Wen Ai Chew established the Asian Australian Alliance, and the following year the Asian Australian Alliance Women’s Forum (AAAWF), both providing a network which has grown interstate.

The Women’s Forum is currently conducting a survey to identify the needs of Asian Australian women, and is developing a national initiative to overcome the cultural barriers in dealing with domestic violence.

In her influential blog, which has a global following, and her podcast Chewing the Fat, discussion deals with topics such as where Asian feminism fits into the mainstream; the illegal trafficking of women; the need to remove taboos about the sex industry and why many women in Asia get involved; and how sexual violence plays a part in their experiences.

For over ten years, Erin has been speaking for those unable to speak. She works to advance the Asian-Australian feminist cause and the fight against racism.

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