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Formed in 2015 by the Sydney University Women’s Collective, fEMPOWER Workshops present free workshops to public and private high school students, providing them with skills to combat gender stereotypes, domestic violence and patriarchal attitudes.

fEMPOWER’s 100 passionate feminist volunteers display courage and skill in working to educate young people in challenging sexist beliefs. They promote values of consent and respectful relationships in a climate that can be hostile to progressive feminist education.

The interactive and inclusive workshops help students understand how everyday sexism forms the basis of structural inequality. They present scenarios in which students can challenge stereotypes and negotiate consent in sexual relationships. Since 2015, has reached over 5,000 students in NSW and Victoria, with enthusiastic responses from both students and teachers.

The fEMPOWER volunteers are young feminists of all genders who are making a feminist difference by providing young people with the skills to challenge patriarchy in their daily lives.

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