Gabrielle Journey Jones | Arts

Gabrielle Journey Jones is a poet, drummer, activist, and social worker. She is a co-founder of Creative Womyn Down Under, a group that, since 2006, has encouraged women in their creativity by organising festivals and performances.

She confronts the oppression of women in her powerful poetry and music, either through performance, running workshops, or teaching. She is equally at home rapping in front of a microphone, or leading a group of women drummers in an IWD March.

Intersectional feminism underpins her spoken word poetry and rap. Through her performance art she challenges the oppressions facing women due to gender, race, ethnicity, class, ability, and sexual identity inequalities. She encourages women to find their own words to speak about their lives.

Gabrielle (known as Gabe) also writes about creativity, love, spirituality, friendship, family, and her own children. Gabe has been making a feminist difference for women in NSW and beyond for many years.

Photograph courtesy of Josh Garrard.

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