Georgie Dent | For Making a Feminist Difference in Workforce

Georgie Dent was one of the co-founders of the Women’s Agenda – a hub which shares the latest news and views affecting how women live and work. Georgie is a journalist, author, keynote speaker, former lawyer and leading advocate for women’s empowerment, gender equality and families.

She is the executive director of The Parenthood, a not-for-profit advocacy organisation representing 72,000 parents and carers around Australia. She has helped to put early childhood educational care on the agenda for state and federal governments, advocating for a new paid parental leave scheme, free high quality early childhood education, and flexible workplaces with access to paid carers’ leave for sick children.

At the invitation of the Swedish Government, Georgie attended the Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality. She was identified as a global change maker who could help intensify efforts for a gender equal world.

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