Hannah Wandel | Education

Hannah Wandel founded Country to Canberra in July 2014 to provide educational and leadership opportunities for young women in rural areas. It has been pivotal in encouraging these women to spread the message of gender equality, particularly in leadership roles, across Australia.

Country to Canberra hosts a dedicated blogger team of young women, allowing them a platform to discuss key issues and showcase their talents.

Its flagship program is a national essay competition for young rural high school women. Winners receive an all-expenses paid ‘Power Trip’ to Canberra to meet powerful women, including Ministers and CEOs, and to receive leadership and public speaking training from organisations such as TEDx Canberra.

Time, distance, and funds limit the educational and leadership opportunities available to young rural women. In establishing Country to Canberra, Hannah targets both geographical and gender barriers. Her work is truly at the heart of making a valuable feminist difference in the community.

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