Heidi Zajac | Community Activism

Heidi Zajac is the founder and director of Cooking Circles, a model that brings women together to share culture, stories, recipes and food, thus promoting relationships between women from different backgrounds.

Heidi devloped the Cooking Circles model from her YWCA work in Timor Leste and brought it to the ACT YWCA. The program tackles social isolation, provides public speaking opportunities, helps build cooking skills, and increases women’s confidence. Migrant, older, and young women, as well as women with disabilities have benefited from the program. The program is also a strategy in the struggle against domestic violence.

She coordinates the volunteer committee of women who run events, blog and build partnerships with like-minded organisations. Many women so far supported by the Circles have experienced significant improvements in their social and economic circumstances.

Heidi Zajac is making a feminist difference through the creation of friendships and partnerships with women across cultures and ages.

Photography by Pagan Kael

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