Jan Breckenridge | Education

Jan Breckenridge has spent her long career concerned with the effects of domestic violence and sexual assault on women and children. Her approach has been via research, in academia, books and publications, and teaching and training.

In 1992 she co-authored a book on rape and child sexual assault, Crimes of Violence. Since 2005 she has taught specialist courses at School of Social Sciences at UNSW relating to domestic violence and trauma.

Jan prefers working in small teams and engaging with front line practitioners and agencies, but she is also frequently commissioned by State and Commonwealth Governments and corporations to undertake research, and to design programs to address domestic violence. She regularly addresses national and international conferences on VAW issues and has recently been focusing on financial insecurity as a form of domestic abuse.

Her passion for social justice shines through every aspect of her extensive  work. Jan has indeed made a feminist difference.

Photography by Pagan Kael

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