Jane Davidson | Community Activism

In her work life over the last 35 years Jane Davidson has been passionately committed to empowering women and children against all forms of violence.

In the 1970s she founded the Women’s School of Self Defence, giving confidence and self defence skills to hundreds of women and children. Later she was a sexual assault counsellor for 20 years, coordinator of the Rape Crisis Centre, and a counsellor and trainer in the Health Department Sexual Assault Service.

Jane published two books on her research into the sexual abuse of women psychiatric patients. Her ongoing interest in yoga and meditation led her to establish and run a yoga centre for rural women, and she was a founding member of the Women’s Healing Centre in Sydney, a safe place for women seeking health and emotional advice.

Over a long career Jane’s feminism has inspired her to guide many women out of domestic and sexual violence, helping them find ways to recover.


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