Janine Whiteman | Mentoring

The Women in Prison Advocacy Network (WIPAN) aims to support women throughout their encounters with the criminal justice system by providing them with guidance and support through mentoring. As a WIPAN mentor, Janine Whiteman has provided one-on-one living skills and person-centred development coaching.

In the first six weeks of being matched, Janine used her position to eliminate the gender stratification faced by incarcerated women returning back into communities. She broadened her mentee’s network of positive circles by connecting her to services, organisations and individuals. This enabled Janine’s mentee to gain successful employment which matched her skills, while studying Law at university.

Janine’s commitment is demonstrated in the time she dedicated to improving her mentee’s future prospects, exceeding the average voluntary hours spent on Mentee-Mentor interactions. Through non-judgemental, consistent support, she has empowered her mentee to break the cycle of disadvantage.

Janine Whiteman is an outstanding mentor for disadvantaged women.

Photography by Pagan Kael

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