Jenny Leong | For Making a Feminist Difference in Leadership

Jenny Leong was first elected to the NSW Parliament in 2015 and was the first Chinese-Australian woman in Australia to secure a Lower House seat. As a spokesperson for women’s rights and housing, she has campaigned to legislate against sexual violence and guarantee access to abortion –generational reforms that enhance women’s autonomy and safety.

She is currently on the NSW Parliament’s Advisory Group on bullying, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct and the Advisory Group for the ‘The Pathways to Politics Program for Women’, she was part of the Asian-Australian Leadership Summit, and has been working to support young women of colour connect with politics.

Jenny has also been an ardent campaigner for the rights of public housing tenants, arguing that housing must be treated ‘as a Human Right, not as an avenue for profit’, and puts into practice her belief that housing, poverty and inequality are feminist issues.

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