Jess Hill | For Making a Feminist Difference in Media/Communication

Journalist activist Jess Hill has led a significant national public crusade to build awareness of the domestic violence crisis through the writing of her award-winning book ‘See What You Made Me Do’ and the follow up TV series on SBS. She has helped initiate an urgent public conversation about the causes of DFV, and the successful programs to eliminate it. Her commitment to this subject stretches back to 2014.

She has become the face of the campaign and an eloquent and compassionate spokesperson who has reached out to women, men, the police, social workers, refugees, and First Nations communities, to make sure that the broadest possible community understands the impact and risks of DFV.

Her very relatable book and TV series have made an immense contribution to public awareness and discussion of a difficult and shameful subject.

Jess has put DFV on the radar of every woman in the country.

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