Julia Zemiro | For Making a Feminist Difference in Media Communication

Julia Zemiro has been an extraordinary role model and mentor for women across a wide variety of media roles, including stand-up comedy and improvisation, both of which are male dominated fields. She was inspired by comedians such as Noeline Brown and French and Saunders, following their example of mentoring women in the comedy arena.

She was instrumental in ensuring the voices of strong women like Gillian Triggs, Marcia Hines, Wendy Harmer, Julia Morris, Leigh Sales, Rebel Wilson, Cathy Freeman, Lee Lin Chin, and Suzanne Garland were aired. She fearlessly shut down a male contestant on her show Rockwiz when he started paying out on his wife in the name of humour, saying that his comment played a role in perpetuating violence against women and had no place on her stage.

Julia was both coordinator and host of the 2021 ‘March4 Justice’, where she provided practical advice and emotional support for the key spokespeople who were often victims of trauma, while ensuring the speakers felt comfortable and safe. Julia is a quiet achiever; she does not announce her commitment but works consistently to put women’s issues at the fore.

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