Kim Loo | For Making a Feminist Difference in Community Activism

Kim Loo has taken as her mantra the words of Mary Robinson, former PM of Ireland and Human Rights Commissioner: “Climate change is a man-made problem and must have a feminist solution”.

She believes that women need to be at the heart of climate action, and that it is critical a gender perspective is included in tackling climate issues. She joins the remarkable women worldwide who have been proactive in reversing the impact of global warming.

The methodologies Kim values and employs maximise feminist strengths, especially in using relationships, networking, and collaboration.

Her daughter says, “in witnessing my mum speak so fervently about climate change, whether it be in front of a rally or at the dinner table, I cannot help but look up to her as an incredible role model.” Her passion has influenced younger women, such as those in her daughter’s peer group.

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