Kittu Randhawa | For Making a Feminist Difference in Leadership

Kittu Randhawa has been working as an individual in the Sikh and Indian community from the mid-1990s onward, and established the Indian Crisis and Support Agency (ICSA), the first NGO of its kind in the Indian community.

ICSA offers a range of services such as migration assistance, domestic violence case management, helping women access refuges, mental health assistance, and employment support, along with training sessions to the community sector to understand Australian culture.

She has become a powerful voice advocating for marginalised and isolated women who are new to Australia, and women traumatised by their experiences of violence and coercion, often with little education or skills to navigate complex social and legal systems. She also works as an Interpreter, Justice of the Peace and a Family Dispute Resolution Mediator.

Kittu is a change maker, champion of women’s rights, role model and a tireless advocate on behalf of culturally and linguistically diverse women in Australia.

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