Lee Lewis | Arts

For creative feminism

As Artistic Director and CEO of the Griffin Theatre Company, Lee Lewis is celebrated for her enormous influence within the Australian theatre community, in which she is a tireless advocate for ‘colour-blind’ casting and gender equity.

Lee provides an environment that allows women to thrive and shine in all aspects of theatre: administration, writing, acting, designing and directing. Examples include her championing of – and directing to critical acclaim – playwright Michelle Lee’s work Rice; bringing Darwin- based playwright Mary Anne Butler to national prominence; and radically re-imagining The Misanthrope with a strong female lead and other cross-cast women.

Lee’s commitment to gender parity has also seen her foster a culture that allows women with families to participate part-time in the demanding theatre environment. Her dedicated pursuit of diversity in casting and storytelling has expanded her influence in reshaping Australian theatre for women, and redefining opportunities for them in the arts.

Lee recorded a video to be played at the Edna Ryan Awards night because she because she was unable to attend.


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