Lewina Jackson | Community Activism

Lewina Jackson is known throughout the NSW Sexual Assault sector for her outstanding contribution. Based at the Eastern and Central Sexual Assault Counselling Service she has worked tirelessly for over fifteen years to assist survivors, going to court with clients, providing individual and group therapy, running education and awareness campaigns and participating in rallies.

Lewina’s longstanding contribution and commitment has been recognised by ECAV, the NSW Health Department’s Education Centre Against Violence where she has been part of their training team, ensuring that appropriate Specialist Assault training was provided for newly recruited sexual assault workers.

Lewina’s work embodies the feminist principle ‘the personal is political’. Her work in education, prevention, awareness and activism has been pivotal in addressing the status of all women. Her goal is to achieve a world that is free of violence against women.

There is no stronger advocate or champion for addressing gender inequality and violence than Lewina Jackson.

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