Licia Heath | For Making a Feminist Difference in Political Activism

Licia Heath is the CEO of ‘Women for Election Australia’ (WFE), a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation that has trained and supported thousands of women from various backgrounds and lived experiences to stand for public office.

She is dedicated to inspiring and equipping more women across the country to run for public office at local, state or federal level. She is focused on engaging more women in Australia’s political process and informing them on the various roles they might take to help another woman get elected. As an activist for more women in politics (from ALL parties and as independents), Licia has helped shape the political debate for gender equality in political leadership on a national platform.

She has also worked tirelessly to ensure that ‘Women for Election’ is inclusive of women from all backgrounds, Women of Colour, Trans Women, non-binary folk, together with those from other disadvantaged backgrounds. She sets the tone that gender-balanced governments improve the quality of life not just for women and girls but for all of society.

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