Lynda Coker | For Making a Feminist Difference in Mentoring

Lynda Coker knows that global studies confirm that female-founded businesses receive only 3% of total funding. This huge inequity reflects both the professional barriers confronted by female entrepreneurs and outright prejudice by lenders and investors. Lynda spends a significant amount of time pro bono mentoring, championing and supporting female entrepreneurs.

She mentors on a number of tech accelerators and incubators that are focussed on supporting females, as well as sitting on the volunteer Board of Scale Investors, which is an “angel” investor group solely for female-led businesses. She believes that female start-up founders are the next generation of CEOs and has helped hundreds of women of all ages grow their businesses across many different programs and age groups.

Lynda has contributed directly and indirectly to increases in capital deployed, revenue generated, and jobs created, but more importantly to the visible success and growth in female leaders.

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