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Mary Konstantopoulos has created an environment and an online community which celebrates women’s role in sport. Ladies Who League (rugby league), is a website to encourage more women to become involved in sport, as both participants and commentators.

Spin-offs now include Ladies Who Legspin (cricket), Ladies Who Lineout (rugby union), Ladies Who Leap (AFL) and Ladies Who W-League (football). By sharing the stories of female athletes, women in sport are becoming increasingly visible. Through panels of women sports commentators in podcasts and on Twitter, she brings the voices and perspectives of women to this previously male-dominated area.

Mary writes for the and The Roar, creates a weekly podcast interviewing female athletes, and sits on the LBW Trust, the Full Stop Foundation and the NRL’s Women in League Boards.

We are closer to seeing equality on and off the field thanks to Mary’s relentless championing of women in the sporting world.

Ladies Who League

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