Billi McCarthy-Price and Hannah Massingham | Sport

Through their project, WomenCanPlay, Billi McCarthy-Price and Hannah Massingham aim to connect and empower women through sport. Set up with a small grant, this project is easy to use, web-based, and non-proft, providing women with information on how to get involved.

Billi and Hannah’s work is increasing the number of women participating in sport, breaking down the barriers preventing women’s involvement in sport, and creating a network of women athletes. Based on recent research data, Billi and Hannah’s online discussion addresses the under-representation and misrepresentation of women athletes in mainstream media. Along with the associated health benefits of sport, WomenCanPlay is increasing self-confiodence, creating a sense of belonging, accelerating leadership and career potential, challenging gender stereotypes and progressing toward gender equality.

Billi and Hannah are making a feminist difference by inspiring women of all ages and abilities to participate in sport, and challenging the currently unacceptable status of female athletes.

Photograph by Pagan Kael

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