Mentor Walks, Adina Jacobs | For Making a Feminist Difference in Mentoring

Adina Jacobs and Bobbi Mahlab are co-founders of Mentor Walks, an organisation premised on the belief that good women help good women.

A new model of mentoring, the walk and talk program matches senior and diverse female leaders with aspiring women for a one hour walk in an iconic location. At each event, senior women are matched with up to three mentees based on the question the mentees have pre-submitted. The magic lies in the collective conversation.

Mentor Walks has a significant network effect with connections forming and women working together. Since launching in 2016, 4200 women at all stages of their career have participated in the program. It encourages feminist leadership by providing a framework for mentors to share their lived experience with mentees, for the benefit of all.

Mentor Walks has now expanded across all major cities and into regional areas. Research has shown that it is making a difference in helping women get promoted and get jobs.

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