Neelima Kadiyala | For Making a Feminist Difference in Workforce

Neelima takes an active role in promoting STEM careers, predominantly technology careers.

Neelima led a people transformation program at Suncorp with accountability to achieve 50-50 gender equality through graduate and internship programs designed to ensure that the future talent pipeline would be gender balanced. With this, Neelima was able to improve the male-to-female ratio in the Technology department at Suncorp, lifting female participation from 20% to 48% in 2020, and to 62% in 2021.

Neelima has designed work experience programs for over 200 high school female students across Brisbane and Sydney to encourage them to consider careers through emerging technologies such as robotics, cyber security, data science, and digital.

Neelima continues to build gender-balanced teams through her leadership, by developing a framework to remove unconscious gender bias in hiring technical roles, which she does through a consistent gender-equal interview panel.

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