Our Bodies Our Choices | For Making a Feminist Difference in Leadership

Our Bodies Our Choices (OBOC) is the group tasked with running the community campaign to decriminalise abortion in NSW

The committee of Claire Pullen, Christine Donayre, Rosie Ryan, Jananie Janarthana, and Cinzia Myatt built a community of interest, activated it to take smart action when needed, and was entrusted with people’s private stories and experiences.

OBOC established a key media voice during the debate, fronting conservative and mainstream media to get the urgent reform message across and build community support and action. NSW was the last state or territory to reform its laws in Australia, and did so as a result of the OBOC campaign.

Control over reproductive decisions is key to liberation, and is a defining feminist principle. The timing and spacing of pregnancy, child bearing and child rearing should be controlled only by the pregnant person, and the state has no role to play in the reproductive decisions of people.

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