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For creative feminism

Pearlie McNeill has been an enthusiastic feminist activist from the 1970s, particularly as a published writer and teacher. In 1979, with Marie McShea, she set up a small travelling book business. She drove a van of books by women writers up and down the coast, and spoke at schools, universities, health centres, and women’s groups.

She was also involved in the first ‘Reclaim The Night’ marches, establishing women’s newspapers, and supporting women’s refuges.

The 1980s saw Pearlie taking her activism to the UK, where Greenham Common, International Feminist Book Fairs, and many other feminist pursuits kept her busy until her return home in 1994.

Pearlie is both a teacher of writing and a mentor to young writers, often women from disadvantaged or Indigenous groups. In 2008, she completed her Doctorate of Creative Arts.

She continues as a passionate lesbian feminist activist, working with a growing older women’s movement in Australia.

Photograph courtesy of Josh Garrard.

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