Pilar Lopez | For Making a Feminist Difference in Mentoring

Pilar Lopez’s unwavering commitment to women’s empowerment, diversity, inclusion, and gender equality is truly commendable. As a dedicated advocate for marginalized women, Pilar’s insights and expertise hold immense potential in shaping programs that champion gender equality and uplift women, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds.

Her devotion seamlessly aligns with the essence of the EDNAs awards, which celebrate individuals demonstrating unwavering commitment and taking tangible steps to enhance the status of women. Adding to her impressive portfolio, Pilar is also a renowned international author of empowering books for women, further solidifying her substantial contributions to women’s advancement.

Pilar’s tireless efforts have earned her international recognition, evident in her recent achievement of the Multicultural Leadership Award 2023 for the International Women’s Day Awards in Australia. Moreover, she was bestowed the prestigious International Personality and Source of Inspiration Award in 2022 in Miami.

As the driving force behind House to Grow, Pilar wears multiple hats – founder, CEO, esteemed international author, and speaker. Her unyielding commitment to inspiring individuals from diverse backgrounds to initiate change resonates deeply with the core values intrinsic to the EDNAs awards.

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